Deliverables Uploaded

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 21st October 2011

  1. Marble Sheep and the Run-Down Sun’s Children, ‘Big Wave New Year In Kenya’
    From Big Deal, JAPAN CAPTAIN TRIP RECORDS CTCD-001 CD (1992)
  2. Chrome, ‘Future Ghosts’
    From Third From The Sun, BEGGARS BANQUET BEG K 58 472 (1982)
  3. The Vincent Units, ‘Carnival Song’
    From Atomic Shockwaves Vol 5
    Original issue UK Y RECORDS Y8 (1981)
  4. Silver Apples, ‘Walkin”
    From The Garden, USA WHIRLYBIRD RECORDS WR109 CD (1998)
    Recorded in 1969.
  5. Datblygu, ‘Sgorio Dafydd Iwan Dyn Eira’
    From Datblygu 1985-1995, UK ANKST MUSIK CD 086 (1999)
  6. Solmania, ‘Phantom Roller Coaster’
    From Japnoise Of Death II, AUSTRIA STEINKLANG INDUSTRIES (2008)
  7. György Ligeti, ‘Hungarian Rock (1978)’
    From Mechanical Music, SONY CLASSICAL SK 62310 CD (1997)
  8. When, ‘Afterzone’
    From Death In The Blue Lake, NORWAY WITCHWOOD RECORDS WIT002 (1988)
  9. Dead Reptile Shrine, ‘Immolation of Tainted Flesh’
    From N.T.K., FINLAND NO LABEL CDR (2002)
  10. Moniek Darge, ‘Fairy Tale’
    From Soundies (Selected Work 1980-2001), USA KYE 05 CD (2009)
  11. Hank & Slim, ‘The Ballad of Marky Martin’
    From The World Turned Gingham, USA CACIOCAVALLO CAD6 CD (2000)
  12. Matsuo Ohno, ‘Pulsation’
    From I Saw The Outer Limits, JAPAN KING KICP 2637 CD
  13. Video-Adventures, ‘Trois Esquisses En Formes De Morceaux’
    From Musique Pour Garçons Et Filles, FRANCE SPALAX CD 14970 (1997)
    Recorded in 1982.
  14. Hans Reichel, ‘Track 2’
    From Solos and Duos (with Fred Frith), 1981
  15. James Ferraro, ‘Memory Theater’
    From Marble Surf, USA NEW AGE TAPES CDR (2008)


  1. Hello there,
    I’m a frequent listener of your excellent radio show. I would like to ask what is the amazing orchestral track (artist-album) heard just at the beginning of this podcast, before the intro tune of your radio-show. Thank you very much, keep up with your excellent musical choices.

    Fotis Kontomichos, Greece

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