Folk and Folk-Rock Christmas 2011

The Sound Projector Christmas Radio Show
Friday 16th December 2011

  1. Steeleye Span:
    ‘Hard Times of Old England’
    ‘The Wife of Usher’s Well’
  2. Richard & Linda Thompson:
    ‘We Sing Hallelujah’
    ‘I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight’
    From I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight, UK ISLAND REMASTERS IMCD 304 CD (2004)
  3. Shelagh McDonald, ‘Jesus is just all right’ (1970)
    From Album, JAPAN STRANGE DAYS WAS-1043 CD (2006)
  4. The Etchingham Steam Band:
    ‘Hard Times of Old England’
    ‘The Sussex Carol’
    ‘Adderbury Wassail Song’
    ‘Bonny Kate’
    From The Etchingham Steam Band, UK FLEDG’LING RECORDS FLED 3002 CD (1995)
  5. Nic Jones, ‘The Outlandish Knight’
    From Nic Jones, UK TRAILER LER 2027 (1971)
  6. Teresa Maguire, ‘The Joys of Mary’
  7. Peter Jones, ‘The Holly and the Ivy’
  8. Bob and Ron Copper, ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’
  9. Watersons, ‘While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks’
    From Sound, Sound Your Instruments of Joy, UK TOPIC 12TS346 (1977)
  10. Bob and Ron Copper, ‘Shepherds Arise’
  11. John Partridge, ‘The Cherry Tree Carol’
  12. Shirley & Dolly Collins:
    ‘Down in Yon Forest’
    ‘The Gower Wassail’
    ‘Is it far to Bethlehem’
    From Within Sound, UK FLEDG’LING RECORDS NEST 5001 4 x CD (2002)
  13. Watersons, ‘Christmas is now drawing near at hand’
    From Frost & Fire, UK TOPIC 12T136 LP (1965)
  14. The Young Tradition, ‘Lyke Wake Dirge’ (1966)
    From The Young Tradition, UK CASTLE COMMUNICATIONS ESM CD 409 CD (1996)
  15. Ray & Archie Fisher, ‘Night Visiting Song’
    From Bonny Lass Come O’er The Burn, UK TOPIC 12T128 LP (1962)
  16. Anne Briggs, ‘Martinmas Time’
    From Classic Anne Briggs, UK FELLSIDE RECORDINGS FECD78 CD (1990)
  17. Richard Thompson, ‘Mary and Joseph’ (1972)
    From Henry The Human Fly, UK HANNIBAL HNBL4405 LP (1986)
  18. Sandy Denny, ‘At the end of the day’ (1973)
    From Like An Old Fashioned Waltz, UK ISLAND REMASTERS IMCD315 CD (2005)
  19. Alasdair Roberts, ‘Lyke Wake Dirge’
    From No Earthly Man, USA DRAG CITY DC283 LP (2005)

1 from All Around My Hat, UK CHRYSALIS CHR1091 LP (1975)
and Below the Salt, UK CHRYSALIS CHR 1008 LP (1972)
6-8, 10, 11 from The Folk Songs of Britain Volume 9: Songs of Ceremony, UK TOPIC 12T197 LP (1971)