Good Impression Made

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 20th January 2012

  1. Anders Hana, ‘Iskoras’
    From Dead Clubbing, NORWAY DRID MACHINE RECORDS DMR2 LP (2011)
  2. Strongly Imploded, ‘Signs of liberation for Wandering souls’
    From Twilight of Broken Machines, USA EH?58 CD (2011)
  3. No UFOs, ‘Evidence / Century Park’
    From Soft Coast, AUSTRIA SPECTRUM SPOOLS SP 011 CD (2011)
  4. Sutcliffe Jugend, ‘Carnage’
    From With Extreme Prejudice, UK COLD SPRING RECORDS CSR143CD CD (2011)
  5. Astro, ‘Slow Slide’
    From Creative Destruction, UK HYPNAGOGIA GIA07 2 x CD (2011)
  6. Defektro, ‘Bite and Spit’
    From Creative Destruction, op cit.
  7. Mark Van Hoen, ‘I Remember’
    From The Revenant Diary, AUSTRIA EDITIONS MEGO EMEGO 136 CD (2012)
  8. Rothkamm, ‘German Film Star’
    From Reno, USA FLUX RECORDS FLX15 CD (2011)
  9. Foust!, ‘Astounding Data’
    From Space Sickness, USA EH?60 CDR (2011)
  10. Vega (with Bart de Vrees), ‘Light Code’
    From Wormsongs, NETHERLANDS ARTEKSOUNDS ART001 CD (2011)
    From Frosty Lee / THEFCKWT EP, UK SLIGHTLY OFF KILTER SOK035 CD (2012)
  12. Alla Zagaykevych and Electroacoustic’s Ensemble, ‘Part I’
    From Nord/Ouest, UKRAINE NEXSOUND NS67 CD (2011)
  13. Ensemble Pamplemousse, ‘Symbiosis’
    From Raanna Jedaku, USA CARRIER RECORDS 013 2 x CD (2012)

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