Timegate 2007

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 23rd March 2012
A pre-record with no announcements

  1. Flaming Fire, ‘Satellite’
    From When The High Bell Rings, USA SILLY BIRD RECORDS SBCD11 CD (2007)
  2. Ghost, ‘Water Door Yellow Gate’
    From In Stormy Nights, USA DRAG CITY DC313CD (2007)
  3. Electric Orange, ‘Rote Flocken’
    From Morbius, GERMANY SULATRON RECORDS ST 0702 CD (2007)
  4. Circle featuring Verde, ‘Gesterlund’
    From Tower, USA LAST VISIBLE DOG LVD-112 CD (2007)
  5. Lasse Marhaug vs The Ferocious Dopers, ‘Side B’
    From Tapes 1990-1999, NORWAY PICA DISK PICA001 4 x CD (2007)
    Recorded in 1998.
  6. Zeitkratzer, ‘Picior’
    From Volksmusik, GERMANY ZEITKRATZER RECORDS ZKR 0002 CD (2007)
  7. Smegma, ‘Take One’
    From I.D. Art #2, UK PARADIGM DISCS PD 23 CD (2007)
  8. Aranos, ‘New Boyfriend’
    From Mother of Moons Bathing, USA SOLEILMOON SOL 145 CD (2007)
  9. Pornographic Noise Erection, ‘Medical Equipment from Germany’
    From Harsh Music for Hot Nurses Vol 2, FRANCE SYMBOLIC PROD SYMBCD35 (2007)
  10. The Terminals, ‘Creepers’
    From Last Days of the Sun, USA LAST VISIBLE DOG LVD 116 CD (2007)
  11. Tetragrammaton, ‘Elegy for Native Tongues’
    From Elegy for Native Tongues, JAPAN SUBVALENT SBV 001 2 x CD (2008)
    Recorded in 2007.
  12. Graham Lambkin, ‘Jungle Blending’
    From Salmon Run, USA KYE 02 CD (2007)
  13. Greg Malcolm / Tetuzi Akiyama, ‘So We Go’
    From Six Strings, NETHERLANDS BROMBRON 12 / KORM PLASTICS KP 3027 CD (2007)
  14. Landing Swabs, (Track 2 extract)
    From Juice of Pictures, GERMANY BLACKGAPDEATHTRAP RECORDS 010 CDR (2007)
  15. Anla Courtis, ‘Cardamomo’
    From Unstringed Guitar & Cymbals, USA BLOSSOMING NOISE BN034CD (2007)