DecMort Podcast

Not The Sound Projector Radio Show
Saturday 8th December 2012

This is a new home podcast to compensate for lack of Friday’s show
No theme tune, no announcements
Loud and grisly noise at 256kbps

  1. Borg, (Track 6)
    From IA!, USA PHASERPRONE PPR15 CDR (2008)
  2. dsic, ‘Help Enfolding’
    From Ambiences 1, UK LF RECORDS lf007 CDR (2008)
  3. Necro Deathmort, ‘I Can See Through Time’
    From This Beat Is Necrotronic, UK DISTRACTION RECORDS DIST19CD CD (2009)
  4. Alex Mein Smith, ‘Fever Of Oscillations’
    From Necessity’s Flame, UK HIGH TENSILE 02 CD (2007)
  5. Naked On The Vague, ‘Lonely Boys’
    From The Blood Pressure Sessions, AUSTRALIA DUAL PLOVER UQU719 CD (2007)
  6. The Golden Sores, ‘Arphaxad’
    From Ashdod To Ekron, USA DRONE COWBOY RECORDS CDR (2008)
  7. Eli Keszler, ‘R.L.K 1’
    From R.L.K, USA R.E.L. RECORDS REL003 CDR (2007)
  8. Daniel Padden, ‘Crow Crow Growth’
    From Pause For The Jet, GERMANY DEKORDER 026 CD (2008)
  9. John Berndt, ‘Evolutionary Biology Determining The Possibility Of Its Own Conceptualization’
    From The Private Language Problem: New Electro-Acoustic Composition, 2001 – 2007, USA SORT OF RECORDS SORT OF 021 / ABSTRACT ON BLACK AOB 005 CD (2008)
  10. Ala Muerte, ‘Grim’
    From Santa Elena, USA PUBLIC GUILT PG016 CD (2008)
  11. Michel Henritzi, ‘Nothing’
    From Nothing, FRANCE DYIN’ GHOST REC 01 CDR (2008)
  12. Zanzibar Snails, ‘In Va’
    From Vanadium Dream, USA PHANTOM LIMB RECORDINGS ARMo25 CDR (2008)
  13. él-g, ‘Hé Gros!’
    From Tout Ploie, BELGIUM (K-RAA-K)³ KED04 LP (2008)
  14. Idea Fire Company, ‘Underwater Mission’
    From Live Archives Volume 1 – WMUA, USA LESSONS ABOUT HISTORY LAH001 CDR (ND)