Dry Ink and Files

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 11th January 2013

  1. MRKVA, ‘Inuitis’
  2. Dial, ‘Later’
    From Western Front, FINLAND EKTRO RECORDS 084 CD (2012)
  3. Sultan Hagavik, ‘Symphony No. 2 – Death And The Dark Whore (Hommage à F. Schubert)’
    From Nine Symphonies, POLAND BÔŁT RECORDS BR K001 / NIKLAS RECORDS n/008 CD (2012)
  4. Wehwalt, ‘Son Chant Enfante L’élytre’
    From Nantes Is Noise, FRANCE FIBRR RECORDS 010 CD (2012)
  5. Wozzeck, extract from Act IV, RUSSIA OPPOSING MUSIC OPM013 CD (2011)
  6. Bohdan Mazurek, ‘Epitaph (2nd Version)’
    From Blanc Et Rouge, POLAND BÔŁT RECORDS BR ES07 3 x CD (2012)
  7. Wet Ink, ‘katachi (Etude I – II)’
    From Relay, USA CARRIER RECORDS 017 CD (2012)
  8. Enrique Pinilla, ‘Prisma’
    From Tensions At The Vanguard: New Music From Peru (1948-1979), USA POGUS PRODUCTIONS P21065-2 2 x CD (2012)
  9. Seth Cooke, extract from ‘Pneuma II’
    From Pneuma, UK LF RECORDS LF028 CDR (2012)
  10. Aki Onda, ‘The Sun Clings To The Earth And There Is No Darkness’
    From Cassette Memories Vol. 3: South Of The Border, USA IMPORTANT RECORDS IMPREC 309 CD (2012)
  11. Phonos Ek Mechanes, ‘Pianolenie’
    From C+-, POLAND BÔŁT RECORDS BR 1016 / NIKLAS RECORDS N/010 CD (2012)
  12. Theologian, ‘My Body Is Made Of Ash…I Live As Ash’
    From The Chasms Of My Heart, USA CRUCIAL BLAST RECORDS CBR104 CDR (2012)