The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 22nd February 2013

  1. Vrakets Position, ‘Korall’
    From Spår, SWEDEN NO LABEL CD (2012)
  2. Daniel Spicer, ‘Cake Shop Power Breakfast Jam’
  3. Total Normal, ‘Krautball’
    From Tales Of The Expected, FRANCE MOMENTAL RECORDS MR CD1 (2012)
  4. Ax, ‘Metal Forest’
    From Metal Forest, UK COLD SPRING RECORDS CSR167 CD (2012)
  5. Noteherder & McCloud, ‘Unreliable Description Sta IV’
    From The Bottle Loose In The Drawer, UK THE SLIGHTLY OFF KILTER LABEL sok043 CDR (2012)
  6. Output: NOISE, ‘Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder’
    From A Soundtrack to the DSM-IV, ONR 011 CD (2012)
  7. Noisedelik, ‘Le 516 Volte Di Giovanni (Requiem For Mastro Titta Boia Di Roma)’
  8. CarneGreve Feat. Kyt Walken, ‘Wings Are Well Educated To Fight (Requiem For G. Ancillotto)’
  9. The Streetcleaner Feat. Troy Southgate, ‘Requiem For Yukio Mishima’
  10. Florian Wittenberg, ‘Nuageux II’
    From Artefacts, GERMANY NURNICHTNUR 111 08 18 CD (2013)
  11. Paul Khimasia Morgan, ‘Their Combined Efforts Produced Monsters’
    From Blue Poles, UK THE SLIGHTLY OFF KILTER LABEL sok046 CDR (2012)
  12. Abdul MoiMeme, ‘MécanismeII’
    From Mekhaanu, INSUBORDINATIONS insubcd07 (2012)
  13. Kamyl Kowalczyk, ‘Space II’
    From Nova, PROTOTYP PRODUKTIONS pplcd02 (2012)

7-9 from Re(c)Quiem, ITALY SANTOS PRODUCTIONS SNTSR01 CD (2012)


  1. Hey Ed, just wondering if Troy Southgate on track 9 is the same Troy Southgate of various dubious political groups, including the National Front? And the author of a novel titled Hitler: The Adjournment, in which he explores Hitler’s “more sensitive and quintessentially human aspects.” It’s published by “Iron Sky” and when you go to their shop online it links to a site called Wermod and Wermod which also sells “anthropology” books titled The Passing of the Great Race, and Where Black Rules White. It all seems distinctly unsavory. I just happened to have come across this stuff a few days ago when web searching for some occult book or other. Southgate also does music and has worked with Cold Spring, so it’s probably him. Just thought you might like to know who you’re giving airtime to.

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