Old Favourites 2002-2007

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 26th July 2013

  1. Earzumba, ‘Descurbio Lo Que Sucedia’
    From Real Ruido Pastizo, GREECE EDITIONS ZERO #13 CD (2007)
  2. Marteau Rouge, ‘Entre Deux Ombres’
    From …Un Jour se Lève, NO LABEL CDR (1998)
  3. Office Products, (Track 01)
    From Nude Media, USA TOAST AND JAM RECORDINGS T&J 017 CDR (2005)
  4. George Korein, ‘Gleaming Corpse I’
    From Another Corpse, USA MAJMUA MUSIC #1 CD [2007]
  5. Silent Block, ‘Transe Et Demi’
    From #1, FRANCE KHÔKHÔT K201 CD (ND)
  6. Monotract, ‘United’
    From Live In Japan, USA CARBON RECORDS CR 118 CD (2005)
  7. Jean-Louis Huhta, extract from Live At Söderhamn Theater 20070525, SWEDEN DFK REC 01 (2007)
  8. Sore Pink Steal, (Track 10)
    From [Heaven Is A Cold Room], KABUKIKORE KKCD31 CDR (ND)
  9. Bruno Chevillon, ‘Partir Des Choses’
    From Hors-Champ, FRANCE D’AUTRES CORDES RECORDS D’AC 101 CD (2007)
  10. Cremaster, ‘Infra 444’
    From Infra, GREECE ANTIFROST AFRO 2015 CD (2003)
  11. Toshiyuki Kobayashi, ‘Van Dyke Red Hue_Brilliant Yellow Green _It.Magenta’
    From Drawing Speed, Coloring Time, SPAIN LUCKY KITCHEN LK 018 CD (2003)
  12. Warmer Milks, ‘The Ripple Children / The Jaunting’
    From Let Your Friends In, SWEDEN RELEASE THE BATS RTB#33 CD (2007)
  13. Torturing Nurse, extract from Sensory Stimulation Alliance, AALTRA RECORDS AA03 CASSETTE (2012)


Title of #8 is conjectured.
#2 and #13 do not fit the theme.

The Sound Projector Radio Show will now be on holiday for all of August (ResonanceFM is closed).
We will be back on the air in September 2013.