Delayed Gifts

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 27th September 2013

  1. PAS Musique, ‘Modern Witchcraft’
    From Abandonded Bird Egg, USA ALREALON ALRN035 CD (2013)
  2. Warm Digits, ‘The Connected Coast’
    From Interchange, UK DISTRACTION RECORDS DIST28 CD + DVD (2013)
  3. st. ride, ‘Ulaanbaatar’
    From Conquistare Il Mondo, ITALY NIENTE RECORDS VOLUME 11 CD (2013)
  4. This Gift Is A Curse, ‘Deceiver’
    From I, Gvilt Bearer, ISRAEL HEART & CROSSBONE 046 CD (2013)
  5. Mika Vainio / Joachim Nordwall, ‘Live At The Chrome Cathedral’
    From Monstrance, UK TOUCH TO:88 CD (2013)
  6. Roro Perrot, ‘Trop De Gens’
    From Musique Vaurienne, FRANCE DECIMATION SOCIALE CD (2013)
  7. iT, ‘Question Of Good And Bad’
    From Eksperiment Slovenia, SLOVENIA SIGIC SGC CD 003 CD (2013)
  8. N’toko & Seijiro Murayama, ‘Ljubljana – Tokyo’
    From Eksperiment Slovenia, op. cit.
  9. Hati, ‘Homines’
    From Zero Coma Zero + Recycled Magick Emissions, ZOHAR 050-2 CD (2013)
  10. brekekekexkoaxkoax, ‘The Two Meanings Of Parables’
    From Sudden Empire Of Tears, USA HUSHROOM RECORDS 7 CD (2013)
  11. Kostoglotov, ‘Walk Me Home’
    From Love Song For Broken Building, UK QUIET WORLD FORTY THREE CDR (2013)
  12. Hübsch – Martel – Zoubek, ‘rrpr. kraa. kraandl.’
    From June 16th, GERMANY SCHRAUM 17 CD (2013)
  13. Queen Elephantine, ‘Veil’
    From Scarab, ISRAEL HEART & CROSSBONE HCB 047 CD (2013)
  14. Hal Clark, ‘Lament’
    From Electro-Acoustic Works 1974-75, NORWAY PRISMA RECORDS CD (2013)

One comment

  1. hi Ed.
    thoroughly enjoyed the show. thanks for playing the Kostoglotov track and that Queen Elephantine one was fantastic. Put me in mind of Sujo minus the fuzz.

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