Krangsome Skree

Jacob Felix Heule / Bryce Beverlin II
USA EH? 61 CD (2012)

When it comes down to being associated with striking/odd band monnikers and, indeed their own names don’t come far behind, Jacob Felix Heule and Bryce Beverlin II seem to have things truly sewn up tight. Alongside membership of Barn Owl and occult jazz splurt combo Ettrick, percussionista Jacob is also with the splendidly named (in a Dr. Seuss meets Edward Lear way…)… Wormses. While Bryce (electronics/assorted what-nots) of Leviathan and Brown Rainbow is also a card-carrying member of Squid Fist (!!). Roll that one around your tongue…Squid Fist! There’s something there that lodges some very wrong-headed images in the old grey matter. Trying to wipe out images of Lovecraftian gods posing for glossy centrefolds can be quite a challenge.

Erm…anyway Bryce and Jacob have teamed up for a veritably explosive and multidirectional CD outing entitled Intersects. A creation that’s bulging with skreesome klang and certain elements of krangsome skree. Interesting sonic textures and tingling/slithering metallics bleed out of these two live improvs: (“Madame Arts, Minneapolis 21/6/11” and “Art of This, Minneapolis 3/8/10”) from the get go. It’s a procession of noise events that ebb and flow in an organic way that’s best known to its own internal logic and I can’t really picture what these cantankerous and downright unruly gadgets might look like. I dare say that a goodly percentage of their combined arsenal might be of a homebuilt, W. Heath Robinsonesque nature…a bit Hugh Davies here and perhaps a little bit of early seventies Tony Oxley there. As for the latter, I’m reminded of an old grainy photo of Tony from an ancient/now yellowing Melody Maker, proudly holding his amplified egg slicer (!!). Perhaps there’s an item or two on “Intersects” that’s been liberated from the kitchen drawer and “modified”? Well, short of seeing a live action by this duo, we’ll never really know, as the scant sleeve credits appear to be a polar opposite to the maximal gush that this unit churn out.

If you seek further sign-posting and finger pointing, intrepid voyageur…what about a crash collision between Russian industrial coves ZGA and percussion wildman Jamie Muir from seventies Crimso…or…think of a state of being where a combination of a hand-cranked hurdy gurdy and a waste disposal system is looked upon as a commonplace audio tool.

Eh? Records c/o Public Eyesore Records, 475 43rd St., Richmond, California 94805, U.S.A.