Donor Showcase

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 31st January 2014

  1. Vialka, ‘Unreliable Narrators’
    From La Poursuite De L’Excellence, VIA-008 CD
  2. Stefanie Ressin, ‘3 Wishes’, MEEUW MUZAK 037 SINGLE (2009)
  3. Horacio Pollard, ‘Sured Ice’
    From Acorn Bath, TWILIGHT LUGGAGE TLMP26 CDR (2010)
  4. The Truth About Frank, ‘Myan Karzan’s Little Empire’
    From Murder Sleep, LYFCD002 (2010)
  5. Bird Names, ‘Dust You Come’
    From Metabolism, NORTHERN SPY NSCD006 (2011)
  6. st. ride, ‘Istinto Primario’
  7. Felix Kubin, ‘Jane B. ertrinkt mit den Pferden’, from DISKONO 012 10-INCH LP (1999)
  8. C. Joynes and The Restless Dead, ‘The Manae Primitive Methodist Chapel / The Godolphin Arabian’
    From Live / Dead, REVERB WORSHIP RW 088
  9. Blue Sausage Infant, ‘Negative Space’
    From Negative Space, ZEROMOON ZERO013 LP (2011)
  10. Tim Olive, ‘Untitled’ (Track 12)
    From The Specialist, EM RECORDS EM1085CD (2009)
  11. The D., extract from Side B
    From D.A.F., THE D 003 LP (2010)
  12. Uli Rennert, ‘Surabaya – Siam – Subconcious’
    From Project S, PANTAU-X pt-x 106 CD (2012)
  13. Rotate The Completors, (Track A3)
    From The Completed Rotations, ROARATORIO RPAR29 LP (2013)
  14. Masayo Asahara, ‘Part 3: First Tempo’
    From Saint Agnes Fountain, AUDIOLACERATION AL007 CD (ND)
  15. Moslang / Wehowsky, ‘Einschlagskrater’, MEEUW MUZAK MM036 SINGLE (2008)
  16. Jason Kahn / Jon Mueller, ‘Phase’ (extract)
    From Phase, FLINGCO SOUND SYSTEM FSS-009 CD (2010)

With thanks to all the above who donated to Resonance FM this week