Graphic Surprise

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 25th April 2014

  1. Dirty Purple Turtle, ‘Count the Clock’
    From Medicine & Madness, SWITZERLAND SPEZIAL MATERIAL SM044CD025 (2013)
  2. Aspirin, ‘Felix Hoffmann’
    From Aspirin, USA METONIC RECORDS MET-00015 CD (2014)
  3. Scott Solter, ‘Assault by St. Wolfli’
    From No Compass, USA SKIPSTONE RECORDS SR104 CD (2013)
  4. Vanilla Riot, ‘Chop’
    From Eksperiment Slovenia, SLOVENIA SIGIC SGC CD 003 (2013)
  5. Adasiewicz / Erb / Roebke, extract from Yuria’s Dream, SWITZERLAND VETO-RECORDS/EXCHANGE 009 CD (2014)
  6. 11 Paranoias, ‘Ossuaries’
    From Superunnatural, UK RITUAL PRODUCTIONS RITE023 CD (2013)
  7. Knark Esion, extract from Disturbed Communication, GERMANY ATTENUATION CIRCUIT ACC 1010 CDR (2013)
  8. Jack O’ The Clock, ‘A Lot Of People Are Dead Wrong Most Of The Time’
    From All My Friends, USA NO LABEL CD (2013)
  9. exclusiveOr, ‘Intro/Outro’
    From Archaea, USA CARRIER CARRIER 020 CD (2013)
  10. Lucrecia Dalt, ‘Soliloquious’
    From Syzygy, USA HUMAN EAR MUSIC hemk032cd (2013)
  11. Seeded Plain, ‘Mortar Research’
    From Provincial Stammer, CANADA BUG INCISION RECORDS BIM-63 CD (2013)
  12. Bionulor, (Track 3)
    From Theatre Music for SKAZAna, POLAND ONIRON ON.002 CDR (2013)
  13. Bionulor, (Track 5)
    From Theatre Music for Coriolanus, POLAND ONIRON ON.001 CDR (2013)
  14. Merzouga, extract from 52°46′ North 13°29′ East – Music for Wax-Cylinders, GERMANY GRUENREKORDER GRUEN 124 CD (2013)
  15. Christina Kubisch & Eckehard Güther, ‘Nogondo Festival of the Sava’
    From Mosaique Mosaic, GERMANY GRUENREKORDER GRUEN 131 CD (2013)
  16. Jolana Havelková and Lucie Vítková, ‘Svornostenka’
    From Proposal For An Alteration of the Score, SLOVAKIA LOM LOM03 CD (2013)
  17. Ilia Belorukov, ‘Part [email protected] (extract)
    From Tomsk, 2012 04 20 (Live), RUSSIA INTONEMA INT005 / AKT-PRODUKT AP10 CD
  18. Further extracts from Eksperiment Slovenia, including N’toko and Seijiro Murayama ‘Ljubljana-Tokyo’