EM Records Showcase

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 27th June 2014

  1. Finis Africae:
    ‘Radio Tarfia’
    ‘Zoo Zulu’
    From A Last Discovery: The Essential Collection 1984-2001, EM1113CD (2013)
  2. Saboten:
    ‘The Snake Charmer’s Song’
    ‘The Low Chair’
    From Floor Et Satie, EM1114DLP (2013)
    Recorded in 1982.
  3. Sheriff Lindo and The Hammer:
    ‘Dub Express’
    From Ten Dubs That Shook The World, EM1119CD (2013)
    Recorded in 1988.
  4. Roland P. Young, ‘Thankfully’
    From Mystiphonic, EM1110LP (2013)
  5. No Right Turn:
    ‘Lawlands Away’
    From No Right Turn, EM1115CD (2013)
    Recorded in 1983.
  6. Kuupuu:
    ‘Hidas painajainen’
    ‘Tuli Uni’
    From Sous Juju, EM1111DCD (2013)
  7. Ryo Takematsu:
    ‘Six-O-Seven Blues’
    ‘On Doing An Evil Deed Blues’
    From Six-O-Seven Blues, EM1117TEP (2013)
  8. Naffi Sandwich:
    ‘Space Alligator’
    ‘Toxteth Train Time’
    ‘Slow Train to Viaductsville’
    ‘Watch Them’
    ‘I Don’t understand’
    From Hoochie Pooch / Space Alligator: Fredie Viaduct at Naffi H.Q., 1979-83, EM1116LP (2013)

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