Crash / Sleep

Janek Shaeffer
Lay-by Lullaby
12K 1079 CD (2014)

Janek Schaefer, artist, musician and designer has been presenting his work for quite a while now, more involved in artistic scene or sound art practices he also evolved in Ambient music genre or at least uses some of the sound treatments and type of sound used in this genre. The concept of the CD is related to motorways and referencing JG Ballard’s works on car culture. These field recordings have been made “in the middle of the night over the M3 motorway, right at the end of the road where JG Ballard lived” (in the UK). This work has been presented as an installation at the Agency Gallery in London on DIY speakers that Schaefer himself had built. The work has been re-arranged for CD and obviously for listening on a home HI-FI system in a domestic environment. As ambient music goes, this CD could be fully described as the son of Brian Eno’s furniture music, itself coming from ideas by Erik Satie. From this perspective Schaefer is trying to find the roots of this type of music, proposed as an installation work, which is precisely what Eno and Satie had been pushing for. A music that could be part of the gallery context alongside other visual works. So, why put it on a CD? Perhaps this idea of Lullaby? The music itself is full of reverberated melodies (lullaby), car passing through from time to time followed by another stretch of long and boring mechanically repetitive sounds, that you could probably do best to ignore in your car, during a long drive on the M3 in the middle of the night.


12K 1080 CD (2014)

Ambient Piano, arranged in very fine subtle glitchy way, this record created between April 2012 and november 2013, which sounds very much like an over reverberated composition. The sound quality is very fine, lots of little electronics squeaks, nice lovely melodies, pianistic melodrama and sad piano figures. Illuha‘s is another CD for the “well being” fans out there, josticks, scented candles and bubble bath. Relax and sleep.