Dear friends of The Sound Projector Radio Show,

Once again Resonance FM is launching its annual fundraising drive. If you enjoy The Sound Projector Radio Show, please help to keep it on the air by donating to Resonance today.

The target this year? A cool £50,000. The station wants to trial a DAB service, to overhaul its website, and take forward long-cherished plans for a larger broadcast footprint – as well as maintain its remarkable platform of award-winning programmes. All of these improvements will benefit YOU as well as Resonance FM.

The station director sez “If each listener gave a pound, we could ensure the future of Resonance for another decade.”


This year there are many ways to entice you to donate:

To donate through Just Giving, click here NOW


Thank you for listening…and give till it hurts!





Ed Pinsent
The Sound Projector