Black Nose Day

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 13th March 2015

  1. Joel Brindefalk, ‘Monitoring My Own Death’
    From Gothenburg 08, SWEDEN FANG BOMB FB006 CD (2008)
  2. John Wiese, ‘Zombie’
    From Zombie, ITALY PRESTO!? p!?005 LP (2009)
  3. Sum Of R, ‘Our Karma Is Broken’
    From Sum Of R, USA UTECH RECORDS URCD025 CD (2008)
  4. Kallarbarnen, ‘Slippa’
    From Untitled, SWEDEN NATTMARAN NM01 LP (2010)
  5. Sewer Election, extract from ‘Rotten Corpse’
    From Split LP, SWEDEN RELEASE THE BATS RTB#31 LP (2008)
  6. Iron Fist Of The Sun, ‘This Man Will Glow / Two Circles Of Salt’
    From Grown Under English Ice, UK COLD SPRING RECORDS CSR153LP LP (2011)
  7. Ultra, ‘Hexing The Neighborhood’
    From Lifestyle, USA THE AJNA OFFENSIVE AJNA05.2000.01 CD (2000)
  8. Locrian, extract from Greyfield Shrines, USA DIOPHANTINE DISCS n = 13 LP (2008)
  9. Carlos Giffoni, ‘This Is How You Pull The Trigger’
    From Adult Life, USA NO FUN PRODUCTIONS NFP-40 CD (2008)
  10. Burial Hex, ‘Act Aeon’
    From Actaeon, Split LP (see #6)
  11. Adam Lygo / Paul Morgan, extract from Liquid Metal Flesh, UK SLIGHTLY OFF KILTER sok013 2 x CDR (2006)
  12. Altar Of Flies, ‘The Sounds Of Mental Illness’
    From Split LP (See #5)
  13. Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, ‘Into Nothing’
    From Split, USA GNARLED FOREST GF43 / MOISEVILLE #95 LP (2011)
  14. Hum Of The Druid, ‘Raising The New Wing’

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