Here Two Four

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The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 17th April 2015

  1. Chester Hawkins, ‘Intifada’
    From Apostasy Suite, USA INTANGIBLE ARTS IA017 CD (2015)
  2. Mouth Worker, (Track 01)
    From Rose Of The Desert, UK LF RECORDS LF047 CDR (2015)
  3. Jaki Liebezeit & Holger Mertin, ‘Jackpool’
    From Aksak, GERMANY STAUBGOLD 139 CD (2015)
  4. Alessandro Bosetti & Chris Abrahams, ‘Esteem’
    From A Heart That Responds From Schooling, NETHERLANDS UNSOUNDS 50U CD (2015)
  5. Paul Baran, ‘The Zone’
    From The Other, SWEDEN FANG BOMB FB024 CD (2014)
  6. dsic, ‘IDP’
    From Ambiences II, UK LF RECORDS 045 CDR (2015)
  7. Charlemagne Palestine & Rhys Chatham, excerpt from ‘Second’
    From Youuu + Mee = Weeee, BELGIUM SUB ROSA SR367 3 x CD (2015)
  8. Static Memories, ‘Kite Flying in Surrey’
    From The Bloudy Vision of John Farley, UK SLIGHTLY OFF KILTER sok049 CD (2014)
  9. Bertrand Denzler & Antonin Gerbal, excerpt from Heretofore, SWEDEN UMLAUT RECORDS UMFR-CD12 (2015)
  10. Xiphoid Dementia, ‘Mineral Ressurrection’
    From Subterranean Transmigration, USA PHAGE TAPES PT-208 / ANNIHILVS APEX2014-02 CD (2014)