Aut is keen to point out the hidden structures of the music on Heterodoxies III (No Rhythm Blues) (LF RECORDS LF040), and the extremely “primitive” use of drum machine or other computer sequencer that has been deployed to generate them. On some tracks on this masterpiece of menacing dreariness, that structure is extremely well-concealed and may in fact be quite complex, and you can only get to it after trudging through miles of grey snow and aural slush, or enduring long stretches of what may at first appear to be chaotic and broken sounds, ill-fitting blocks creating a haphazard brick wall. I say this in my fumbling attempt to convey the lumpen, slow pace of some of these anti-rhythms, rhythms which if they appeared on a heart monitor in a hospital ward, would be the trigger for an immediate “code blue” across the entire medical staff. Aut – i.e. Greg Godwin, the LF Records label boss who also aliases himself as dsic – has a truly special talent for creating nauseating and depressing (in a good way) digital tones, doing it with some authority, and setting them loose in ingenious open-ended frameworks, thus reflecting to some degree the thought processes of his libertarian mindset. From 6th September 2014.