Ornette Coleman RIP

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 12th June 2015

  1. ‘Rock The Clock’
    From Live In Paris 1971, JAZZ ROW JR651 CD
  2. ‘Job Mob’
    From Of Human Feelings, ANTILLES AN-2001 LP (1982)
  3. ‘Macho Woman’
    From Body Meta, ARTISTS HOUSE AH 9401 LP (1978)
  4. ‘Trouble In The East’
    From Crisis, IMPULSE / ABC RECORDS AS-9187 LP (1972)
  5. ‘Forms and Sounds’
    From The Music of Ornette Coleman, RCA VICTOR SF 7944 LP (1967)
  6. ‘Midnight Sunrise’
    From Dancing In Your Head, A&M RECORDS SP-722 LP (1977)
  7. ‘Friends and Neighbors (Vocal)’
    From Friends and Neighbors, FLYING DUTCHMAN FDS-123 LP
    Recorded in 1970.
  8. ‘Falling Stars’
    from The Great London Concert, ARISTA AL 1900 2 x LP (1975)
    Recorded in 1965.
  9. ‘Skies of America’
    ‘Native Americans’
    ‘The Good Life’
    ‘Birthdays And Funerals’
    From Skies Of America, COLUMBIA CG 33669
    Recorded in 1972.
  10. ‘To Know What To Know’
    From Opening The Caravan Of Dreams, CARAVAN OF DREAMS PRODUCTIONS CDP85001 LP (1985)
  11. ‘Science Fiction’
    From Science Fiction, COLUMBIA CG 33669
    Recorded in 1972.
  12. ‘First Take’
    From Twins, ATLANTIC MASTERS 81227 3684-2 CD
    Recorded in 1960.

1: Credited to the Ornette Coleman Quartet.
5: Featuring the Philadelphia Woodwind Quartet.
9: Played by the London Symphony Orchestra conducted by David Measham.
10: Credited to Ornette and Prime Time.
12: Played by the Ornette Coleman Double Quartet.