Black Vomit

Louie Rice seeks to emulate the essence of snakes, wasps and mosquitoes on his tape release PUXE (PORTA#8), doing so using the mostly-analogue setup of synth, FM radio, tape manipulation and speakers for that all-revealing acousmatic effect. I employ these reptilian and insectoid metaphors because they’re all potentially threatening beasts with their stings, bites, and fatal fangs, and my intention is to suggest the underlying menace of Louie’s low-register growls and purrs. But it would be equally valid to propose a flock of black panthers or a hologram of elephants, murmuring quietly to themselves before the charge where they spear a running man with their long, sharp tusks. Rice is the London-based operator who runs the labels Wasted Capital Since 2013 and Hideous Replica, and for a while before that he was known to us through a few marginal releases on Foredoom Productions. This knowledge may help prepare you for the very extreme and testing nature of the blank, abstract and puzzlingly minimal noise that will abrade your hide as you listen to PUXE. From my standpoint, this one is actually quite a pleasing sojourn lasting 30-some minutes where the continual slightly-variegated hums and burbles cast a strangely magnetic spell over the listener. There’s also much intellectual enjoyment to be had trying to decode the acronym PUXE. Matter of fact Louie Rice is offering a prize (a year’s supply of brick dust and building site rubble) for anyone whose guess comes the closest. From 30 March 2015.

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