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The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 6th November 2015

  1. Warren Schoenbright, ‘Thousands Of Tiny Mouths / Peristalsis’
    From (Out Of Bounds) Eaten By The Forest, UK VACANT FULFILLMENT RECORDS EP (2015)
  2. Ulrich Troyer feat. Vin Gordon. Didi Kern & Kassian Troyer, ‘Deadlock (Talkbox Version)’
    From Deadlock Versions, GERMANY / AUSTRIA 4-BIT PRODUCTIONS P006 EP (2015)
  3. littlebow, ‘The Devil’s Interval’
    From Pi Magpie, UK SECOND LANGUAGE SL027 CD (2013)
  4. Erik Griswold, ‘Pleasure Principle’
    From Pain Avoidance Machine, AUSTRALIA ROOM40 RM468 CD (2015)
  5. Dikeman / Parker / Hamid, ‘Bad Uncle John!’
    From Live At La Resistenza, BELGIUM EL NEGOCITO RECORDS 041 / TRACTATA 3 CD (2015)
  6. Black Bikini, ‘SPA Moment’
    From Black Bikini, JAPAN MUSIK ATLACH MA014 CD (2015)
  7. Danielle De Picciotto, ‘I Have Love’
    From Tacoma, GERMANY MOABIT MUSIC MOA019 CD (2015)
  8. Schroeder, Campello, Godoy, ‘Throws’
    From Barely Cool, USA PFMENTUM PFMCD090 (2014)
  9. Karmiciel Wszy, (Track 06)
    From Isdalskvinnen, POLAND ANOPLURA RECORDS 001 CDR (2015)
  10. Adam Gołębiewski, ‘Half Blame’
    From Pool North, POLAND LATARNIA RECORDS LA005 CD (2015)
  11. Utu Lautturi feat. Rasplyn, ‘Pu-erh Tea’
    From Nielu, USA PALE NOIR PN027 CD
  12. Daniel Barbiero with Cristiano Bocci, ‘L’ultimo treno per Follonica’
    From Nostos, GREECE NO LABEL CD
  13. Michał Libera and Rinus van Alebeek, ‘Thin Cities 2: Catanzaro’
    From Chambers, POLAND BOLT RECORDS POP12 CD (2014)
  14. Hans Tutschku, ‘Klaviersammlung’
    From Firmament, CANADA empreintesDIGITALes IMED 15131 CD (2015)

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  1. Ed,
    Thanks from me & grazie from Cris for playing L’ultimo treno per Follonica on yesterday’s show–we’re glad you like the music. Great show, too!
    Regards & best to you,
    Daniel Barbiero

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