Colour Field

Olle Oljud is a Swedish multi-media artist whose personality is clearly too effervescent and larger-than-life to be confined to one single mode of expression…he’s done music, noise, improvisation, painting, drawing, video, and performance art, and from what little I’ve been able to gather all of his statements have a certain opacity that is of much interest, and his work doesn’t explain itself instantly in soundbites to some superficial passer-by who might be about to sign a funding grant. He hasn’t made that many records either, though he’s appeared on about four or five compilations of contemporary Swedish industrial music and experimental noise. His single 27/28 (LAMOUR RECORDS lamourvin002) is more than just a record, it’s presented as a limited edition art object, with a unique acrylic colour painting of splodgy proportions inserted as cover art, and the record is pressed in juicy red mottled vinyl. Both sides are rich and glorious abstract noise, but of the user-friendly variety and not the screechy “wall of death” skull-mode noise that still blights society since the poison seed of Whitehouse and Throbbing Gristle was first shed on the globe. Oljud produces swollen fruity noise worthy of a gigantic Hieronymous Bosch strawberry in the Garden of Earthly Delights. One side is dense feedback enriched with electronic squiggling, the other side is a more restrained episode of triple-filtered sewage bubbling in a magic cauldron. Can’t help hearing them as “colourful” noise, very reflective of how a painter would work with sound. From 6th January 2014.


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