Fairly compelling improvised music that’s alternately busy and droney from the ad-hoc trio Thanos Chrysakis, James O’Sullivan and Jerry Wigens on their Syneuma (AURAL TERRAINS TRRN0621) CD…O’Sullivan has been noted here before for his solo electric guitar work and as part of the London combo Found Drowned, while clarinettist Wigens is a new name to me. However, it’s the Athens-born player Chrysakis whose presence hangs over the group sound here, his “inside piano” resonating like a dreamy music box from Looking-Glass World and suspending the other musical contributions in a foggy soup. I’m keener on this echoey mode of his than when he attempts his sub-Cecil Taylor jazz runs, which appear to me hesitant and poorly-formed. However, he does form a simpatico bond with Wigens, and the two blend well together on their wooden platform, which may reflect the other numerous times they’ve recorded together for this label. Given the relationship of this pair, O’Sullivan sometimes doesn’t know where to put himself, and tries out any number of devices and idioms from his guitar repertoire, none of which are quite right for the occasion. Nondescript and blurry cover art, which is just about saved from disaster by a brave experiment in bold typography.

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  1. A however review from someone that appears to me he couldn’t recognise a C from an F if they were thrown to his poor ears. However an ”eloquent” blurry writer writes for a ”blurry” cover saved from disaster in a foggy soup writing style. However more eloquent…you die.

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