Slow and Quiet

Not The Sound Projector Radio Show
Slow and Quiet podcast for December
500th blog post for the year 2015

Duration 2 hours and 30 mins
Click title links for review and picture

  1. Dasha, ‘Micro Universe’
    From Sleepstep
  2. Utu Lautturi, ‘Pelkkää Pihkaa’
    From Nielu
    Starts 6:08
  3. Hafdís Bjarnadóttir, ‘Westfjords’
    From Sounds of Iceland
    Starts 10:23
  4. Spunk, (Track 4)
    From Spunk & Joëlle Léandre Live in Molde
    Starts 17:54
  5. 23Threads, ‘Animal in the Circle’
    From Conspicuous Unobstructed Path
    Starts 29:39
  6. Ralf Meinz, Karolina Ossowska, Mikolaj Palosz, ‘La sonata in sol minore al terzo suono, bars 1-3’
    From Play Giuseppe Tartini
    Starts 38:04
  7. André Stordeur, ‘C.C. 101.296’
    From Complete Analog and Digital Electronic Works 1978-2000
    Starts 46:33
  8. Quiet Music Ensemble, Alvin Lucier’s ‘Shadow Lines’
    From The Mysteries Beyond Matter
    Starts 58:52
  9. The Pitch, ‘Xenon’ (fade)
    From Xenon & Argon
    Starts 1:13:29
  10. Paco Rossique, ‘Parallel Roles’
    From Collages & Dispersions
    Starts 1:24:49
  11. Dave Clarkson, ‘Longing and Loneliness’
    From Music for Lighthouses
    Starts 1:32:26
  12. Architeuthis Walks On Land, ‘The Assayers’
    From The Surveyors
    Starts 1:40:37
  13. Nørstebø / Strid / De Heney, ‘Wien 1’ (fade)
    From Oslo Wien
    Starts 1:56:04
  14. Phil Julian and Ben Owen, ‘A Return’
    From Between Landing
    Starts 2:16:07

Podcast ends 2:30:29

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