Roving Impasse

One cassette in the Aubjects series we mentioned earlier. This is credited to Dog Hallucination and it’s called Mitzi (AUBJECTS 7). We’ve been receiving Dog Hallucination product since 2012, mostly represented on the Intangible Cat label, and if credits can be believed then it’s a duo of D. Petri and Doggy P. Lips, though the latter pseudonym may be calculated to throw us off the scent. Petri is the one I usually associate with doing the remixing and reassembly that makes Amalgamated records all that they are. On Mitzi, it’s all competent enough electronic music, situated very much in the Cluster and Eno mode; sometimes even the very sounds of Dog Hallucination feel very late-1970s and appear to have strayed from an out-take from Sky Records or the like, and you’ll find yourself half-recognising phrases, moments or moods very reminiscent of Another Green World or Sowiesoso. The emphasis is on textures, drones, ambient sounds, and poignant melodies delivered by achingly slow keyboards. Not unpleasant in any way, but not very exciting or adventurous either. I’d like to have seen a little more of the prankster spirit that was in evidence on those earlier Intangible Cat items.

The cassette is packaged in a thick box and encloses a full-colour booklet, full of murky and inexplicable images to match the sometimes murky music. Some of the pictures do contain imagistic riddles, some of them are just textures and blurred close-ups. “Raw, intimate personal experiences are juxtaposed with surreal & hopeful dreamworld imaginings,” is how the website describes this wistful abstract music. Like the recent Amalgamated release, this too had a very long production chain, starting life with original source material from 2004-2007, assembled between 2011-2015; I do sense here that the music has been rather over-thought and over-worked, to the point of delivering some ponderous and indigestible results. This is even reflected in the track titles, many of which have additional sub-titles labelled with letters, creating a weight of verbiage and suggestions which in fact add very little to our experience. From June 2015.

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