Out of Hot Storage

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 29th January 2016

  1. Ugly Animal, ‘Melting Horizon’
    From Panic Button, UK FOOLPROOF PROJECTS PRJ043 CD (2016)
  2. Everest Magma, (Track 04)
    From Gnosis, ITALY BORING MACHINES BM065 LP (2016)
  3. Hox, ‘Correct Co-ordinates’
    From Duke Of York, AUSTRIA EDITIONS MEGO 214 CD (2016)
  4. Plaster, ‘Blade’
    From Mainframe, UKRAINE KVITNU 43 CD (2016)
  5. Mad Genius, ‘Someone’s Screaming Outside’
    From …2012, USA MAD MANOR MULTIMEDIA CD (2015)
  6. Mazut, ‘YOG’TZE-Fall’
    From #1, POLAND BDTA XC CDR (2015)
  7. 1997EV, (Track 03)
    From Love Symposium Alien Spider, ITALY BORING MACHINES BM067 LP (2016)
  8. C. Joynes, ‘Endomorph vs. Ectomorph’
    From Split Electric, UK THREAD RECORDINGS THR002 LP (2016)
  9. Nick Jonah Davis, ‘Sigil Eyes’
    From Split Electric, op.cit.
  10. The Lickets, ‘Test Particle’
  11. Miguel A. Garcia / Ilia Belorukov, ‘Soul Sacrifice’
    From Wolkokrot, HUNGARY INEXHAUSTIBLE EDITIONS ie-001 CD (2015)
  12. Lilly Joel, ‘Thaw’
    From What Lies In The Sea, BELGIUM SUB ROSA SR146 CD (2015)
  13. Anders Holst / Mads Emil Nielsen, ‘Three Steps Around The Room’
    From Anders Holst / Mads Emil Nielsen, DENMARK CLANG RECORDS clang016 LP (2016)
  14. Brambling, ‘At A Casual Glance…’
    From fringilla montifringilla, UK SLIGHTLY OFF KILTER sok061 CD (2015)