UK Jazz II

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 15th April 2016

  1. Alan Skidmore Quartet, ‘Free For Al’
    From Once Upon A Time, UK VOCALION CDSML 9406 CD (2005)
    Recorded in 1970.
  2. Isotope, ‘Oh Little Fat Man’
    From Isotope / Illusion, UK SEE FOR MILES SEECD 432 (1995)
    Recorded in 1974.
  3. Major Surgery, ‘Jubileevit’
    From The First Cut, UK NEXT DP1 CD (2013)
    Recorded in 1976.
  4. Michael Garrick Trio, ‘Blue Scene’
    From October Woman, UK VOCALION CDSML 8413 CD (2005)
    Recorded in 1965.
  5. Gary Boyle, ‘Almond Burfi’
    From The Dancer, UK GULL GULP 1020 LP (1977)
  6. John Surman, ‘Premonition’
    From How Many Clouds Can You See?, UK VOCALION CDSML 8428 (2006)
    Recorded in 1970.
  7. Don Rendell / Ian Carr, ‘Pavanne’
    From Live, UK COLUMBIA SX 6316 LP (1969)
  8. Fusion Orchestra, ‘Have I Left The Gas On?’
    From Skeleton In Armour, UK EMI EMA 758 LP (1973)
  9. Mike Osborne, ‘Straight Jacket’
    From Shapes, UK FMR CD10 (1995)
    Recorded in 1972.
  10. National Health, ‘Nowadays A Silhouette’
    From Playtime, USA CUNEIFORM RECORDS RUNE 145 CD (2001)
    Recorded in 1979.
  11. Various, ‘Son Of Red Blues / Brown Thursday’
    From Mike Taylor Remembered, UK TRUNK RECORDS JBH 026LP (2007)
    Recorded in 1973.
  12. Sphincter Ensemble, ‘Event#5 (Mortlake Mooch)’
    From Harrodian Event #1, UK ESOTERIC RECORDINGS ECLEC 2398 CD (2013)
    Recorded in 1972.
  13. Radar Favourites, ‘Trees And Tanks’
    From Radar Favourites, UK REEL RECORDINGS RR017 CD (2010)
    Recorded in 1974.
  14. Lol Coxhill, ‘Loverman’
    From Coxhill On Ogun, UK OGUN OGCD 008 (1998)
    Recorded in 1978.

#8 is arguably progressive rock with added brass, rather than jazz. We heard less than 90 seconds of ‘We’ll Make It’ by John Surman and John Warren at the end of the show, from Tales Of The Algonquin (VOCALION CDSML 8410).


  1. Thanks for listening, we’re very sorry that UK Jazz I was deleted by Soundcloud.

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