Pleasant slow ambient sounds from Poland on the album Prominences (BÔ?T RECORDS BRK007). Tekla Mrozowicka is the talented young lady who has been releasing material since 2013, under her three aliases cétieu, éctieu and técieu, many of them for the Polish download label Baruda Records. Each alias performs a slightly different style of electronica music. Marcin Cichy is also called Meeting By Chance, and is one half of Skalpel who recorded for Ninja Tune; his interests in cinema, sound design and visual arts are to some extent reflected in this atmospheric music, which at times invokes a wide-screen visual display, and the inside gatefold image would seem to confirm this interpretation. We are invited to imagine seductive images of solar prominences as we listen. I’ve personally always found images of solar flares somewhat alarming, especially when you consider that these powerful bursts of solar energy probably extend for thousands of miles into space. Mrozowicka and Cichy take a much more benign view of the phenomenon; “prominences blow its solar spell straight inside of your chest” is their own description, and are clearly pleased by the “delicate resonating textures [which] surround you”. They might experience solar prominences as some form of slow-motion firework display, with pretty colours and shapes causing hushed gasps from the earthbound audience. Not a challenging listen by any means, but there is a lot of detail packed into these twinkly grooves. From 21st January 2016, part of this label’s “Kikzaru Pleasures” series; originally released by Meeting By Chance as a digital download in late 2015.