Extra Access

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 23rd October 2016

  1. Felix Kubin Und Das Mineralorchester:
    ‘Game Over’
    From II: Music For Film And Theatre, GERMANY DEKORDER 081 LP (2016)
  2. The Strange Walls:
    ‘The Girl On Mandragora (Attrition Mix)’
    ‘In Time’
    From …Won’t Last, USA ALREALON MUSIQUE ALRN072 CD (2016)
  3. A.K. Klosowski:
    ‘Rot Glocken’
    ‘Disco 2’
    ‘Grün Streicher’
    From Plays The Kassetteninstrument, GERMANY GAGARIN RECORDS gr2035 LP/CD (2016)
  4. Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O., ‘Speed Guru’
    From The Early Acid Mothers Temple Recordings 1995-1997, NORWAY OHM RECORDS 2.5 ohm / SYNESTHETIC RECORDINGS SYRE 012 2 x CD (2016)
  5. Thomas Brinkmann, ‘NRT’
    From A 1000 Keys, AUSTRIA EDITIONS MEGO EMEGO 224 CD (2016)
  6. Konx-Om-Pax, ‘Perc Rave’
    From Caramel, UK PLANET MU ZIQ348 LP/CD (2016)
  7. WIDT, ‘bharpa’
    From WIDT, POLAND ZOHARUM ZOHAR 124-2 CD + DVD (2016)
  8. Florian Wittenburg, ‘Willow Tree? – I’
    From Eagle Prayer, GERMANY NURNICHTNUR 116 01 20 CD (2016)
  9. Ryan Choi, ‘Set I – 3. Whenmill’
    From Whenmill, USA OFF ODG049 CD (2016)
  10. Matt Christensen, ‘The Stage Says No’
    From Honeymoons, NORWAY MIASMAH RECORDINGS MIACD034 (2016)
  11. Ingar Zach, ‘É Solitudine’
    From Le Stanze, NORWAY SOFA MUSIC SOFA552 CD (2016)