Grey 13th

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 13th January 2017

  1. Mirt, ‘Motorboat Chase’
    From Random Soundtrack, POLAND KOSMODRONE DRONE 1601 CD (2016)
  2. Electric Sewer Age, ‘Bad White Corpuscle’
    From Bad White Corpuscle, SWITZERLAND HALLOW GROUND HG1607 LP (2016)
  3. Wwwings featuring Kastle, Born In Flamez and Gronos1, ‘Era’
    From Phoenixxx, UK PLANET MU RECORDS ZIQ383 CD (2016)
  4. Reinier Van Houdt, ‘Orphic Asylum’
    From Paths Of The Errant Gaze, SWITZERLAND HALLOW GROUND HG1606 LP (2016)
  5. Jana Irmert, ‘Bagful’
    From End Of Absence, AUSTRIA FABRIQUE FAB060CD (2016)
  6. Dave Ball / Jon Savage, ‘Liquid Skyliner – Zeitgeist’
    From Photosynthesis, UK COLD SPRING RECORDS CSR217CD (2016)
  7. Richard Sanderson, ‘Instantic Flamer’
    From A Thousand Concreted Perils, UK LINEAR OBSESSIONAL RECORDINGS LOR081 CDR (2016)
  8. Off World, ‘Choral Hatch’
  9. Chihiro Butterfly featuring AYOTA, ‘warabimochi’
    From After 3.11, JAPAN ACCRETIONS alp061 CD (2016)
  10. Cut Worms, ‘Crabby Plasma’
    From Lumbar Fist, GERMANY OPA LOKA RECORDS OL160096 CD (2016)
  11. Nuova Camerata, ‘Chant IV’
    From Chant, PORTUGAL IMPROVISING BEINGS ib50 CD (2016)
  12. Rainier Lericolais / Susan Matthews, ‘Your Ghost Moves With Me’
    From Before I Was Invisible, FRANCE WILD SILENCE CDR (2016)

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