Podcast News

I’m in the process of uploading my podcasts to the Internet Archive. Nearly 60 past shows are now available. I’ll try and upload everything I have as time permits. They’re going up in a very random order.

For each page on the Internet Archive, I’ll include a link back to the playlist post here. In some cases, I might even remember to embed an Internet Archive music player on the post too.

View the archive here

If you have a request for a particular podcast you’d like to bump to the top of list, let me know – send me a direct message on Twitter @soundprojector.

From 2017 onwards, my podcast playlists will contain embedded links to the ResFM Mixcloud account.

A few caveats:

  • I don’t have an mp3 file for every show I ever broadcast.
  • For a while I relied on the Resonance FM podcasts being uploaded to Soundcloud. Unfortunately the entire Resonance FM account was deleted (everything was lost). I don’t have copies of these shows, so there will be a big gap in 2014.
  • Some published playlists on this site may still have duff residual information – e.g. links to a podcast that now won’t work, or an embedded Soundcloud player that won’t work.