Autumnal Tones

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 27th October 2017

  1. Orchestra Of The Upper Atmosphere, ‘Anisotropic Shapes’
    From Θ3, UK DISCUS 63CD (2017)
  2. Vipcancro,’O’
    From UNO, ITALY LISCA RECORDS Lisca 015 CD (2017)
  3. Harme, ‘Stone Gatherers’
    From Crashing On An Unnamed Island, UK SIREN WIRE SW113 CD (2017)
  4. Electric Sewer Age, ‘Moon’s Milk (Waning)’
    From Moon’s Milk In Final Phase, USA SOLEILMOON SOL 185 CD (2017)
  5. Daimon, ‘By This Basement’
    From Daimon, GERMANY METZGER THERAPIE #003 CD (2016)
  6. Downer Canada, (Track 1)
    From Watson Island English, USA READING GROUP RG05 CD (2017)
  7. Julien Ottavi, excerpt from Secrets Telluriques, FRANCE FIBRR RECORDS fibrr0018 CD (2017)
  8. Yan Jun / Ben Owen, excerpt from Swimming Salt, UK ORGANISED MUSIC FROM THESSALONIKI t34 CD (2017)
  9. Jin Sangtae / Tim Olive, excerpt from naar/voor, JAPAN 845 AUDIO 845-7 CD (2017)
  10. Florian Wittenburg, ‘One White Tree’
    Played by Sebastiaan Oosthout
    From Don’t Push The Piano Around, GERMANY NURNICHTNUR 117 01 26 CD (2017)