Digital Shininess

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 24th November 2017

  1. Robert Ridley-Shackleton / Mouth Worker, ‘MWrxRRS’
    From Remixes, UK LF RECORDS LF055 CDR (2017)
  2. Astma / Bob Meanza, ‘Rhombohedral’
    From Raw Volumes, GERMANY AUT RECORDS AUT035 CD (2017)
  3. Khost, ‘Redacted Repression Recalcitrant’
    From Governance, UK COLD SPRING RECORDS CSR237CD (2017)
  4. Simon Balestrazzi, ‘Short Wave Voodoo’
    From Early Recordings (1979-1982), ITALY AZOTH REBIS 004 CD (2016)
  5. Aut, ‘Oscillating Hydrogen Multiplexer’
    From Aut, UK LF RECORDS LF059 CDR (2016)
  6. Andrew Raffo Dewar / Andrea Centazzo / Anne LeBaron, ‘Encantamiento IV’
    From Encantamientos, USA PFMENTUM CD104 (2017)
  7. KWC, ‘Performance Sacred Hour Steel/Group Sing Found Sound Service/Performance Sacred Hour Steel/Prayers Spoken Found Sound Service’
    From Fruit Rosary Sacred Hour Service, CANADA POWER MOVES LIBRARY PML 05 CDR (2017)
  8. Katharina Klement, (Track 02)
    From Peripheries: Sound Portrait Belgrade, GERMANY GRUENREKORDER Gruen 173 CD (2017)
  9. Marc Namblard, ‘Forest Drones’
    From F. Guyana, GERMANY GRUENREKORDER Gruen 175 CD (2017)

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