EM Records Showcase II

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 15th December 2017

  1. Modern Sound Quintet, ‘Otinku’
    From Otinku, EM1072CD (2007)
    Recorded in 1971.
  2. Steel An’ Skin, ‘Afro Punk Reggae (Dub)’
    From Reggae Is Here Once Again, EM1075DCD (2008)
    Recorded in 1979.
  3. Wild Billy Childish And The Blackhands, ‘I Love Paris’
    From Play: Capt’n Calypso’s Hoodoo Party, EM1065CD (2007)
    Originally issued 1988.
  4. Brenda Ray, ‘Take Me In Your Car (Original Full-Length Version)
    From D’Ya Hear Me! : Naffi Years, 1979-83, EM1108CD (2012)
  5. Peter Martin & Finch, ‘1 & I’
    From Drouyn, EM1067CD (2007)
    Recorded in 1974.
  6. The Tim Gaze Band, ‘Rivers’
    From Band On The Run, EM1070CD (2007)
    Recorded in 1979.
  7. Tully, ‘Cat-Clarinet Mit Orgel’
    From Sea Of Joy, EM1068CD
    Originally issued 1972.
  8. Wicked Witch, ‘Vera’s Back’ (fade)
    From Chaos 1978-86, EM1080CD (2008)
  9. Ryo Takematsu, ‘In Christ There Is No East Or West’
    From Six-O-Seven Blues, EM1117TEP 3 x 7″ (2013)
  10. Nicolas Collins, ‘Devil’s Music B (Edit From 1986 LP)’
    From Devil’s Music, EM1086DCD (2009)
  11. Tim Olive, ‘Untitled’ (Track 05)
    From The Specialist, EM1085CD (2009)
  12. Annea Lockwood, ‘Vibrating Pane’
    From Early Works 1967-82, EM1064CD (2007)
    Originally issued 1970.
  13. Matsuo Ohno, ‘Pulsation’
    From I Saw The Outer Limits, EM1098CD (2012)
    Originally issued 1978.
  14. Yoshi Wada, excerpt from The Appointed Cloud, EM1076CD (2008)
    Recorded in 1987.

All selections released by EM Records in Japan.
Previous show in this series 26 June 2014

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