TSP Christmas Special 2017

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 22nd December 2017
Favourite Female Vocalists

  1. Yma Sumac, ‘Medicine Man’
  2. Kirsty MacColl, ‘Children of the Revolution’
  3. Kate Pierson (The B-52’s), ’52 Girls’
  4. Lora Logic (Essential Logic), ‘The Order Form’
  5. Poly Styrene (X-Ray Spex), ‘Warrior in Woolworths’
  6. Kate Bush, ‘Cloudbusting’
  7. Nancy Sinatra, ‘Lightning’s Girl’
  8. Kirsty MacColl, ‘Days’
  9. Sandy Denny (Fotheringay), ‘Nothing More’ (Live)
  10. Linda Thompson, ‘I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight’
  11. Alison Statton (Young Marble Giants), ‘Wurlitzer Jukebox’
  12. Julie London, ‘Easy Street’
  13. Betty Everett, ‘I’m Gonna Be Ready’
  14. Kate Bush, ‘Pull Out The Pin’
  15. Joni Mitchell, ‘Otis and Marlena’
  16. Bridget St. John, ‘Back To Stay’
  17. Judee Sill, ‘Lady-O’
  18. Nico, ‘Somewhere There’s A Feather’
  19. Cath Tyler, ‘Our Captain Cried’
  20. Yma Sumac, ‘Hampi (Medicine)’
  21. Joni Mitchell, ‘River’
  22. Alison Statton, ‘Salad Days’
  23. Linda Thompson, ‘The Great Valerio’