Good Friday 2018

Not The Sound Projector Radio Show
Good Friday 30 March 2018
lowercase sound art

No theme tune, no announcements
Special duration 1:49:44

  1. ben owen, (track 02)
    from radio in, wm02 CDR (2006)
  2. ting ting jahe, ‘313-16-1’
    from 18(16), wm03 CDR (2006)
  3. lawrence english, ‘reeds of brown lake’
    from studies for stradbrooke, wm11 CDR (2008)
  4. gill arno, ‘part 2’
    from nervatura/u, unframed recordings uf/u006 CDR (2011)
  5. ben owen, ‘two pipes’
    from 05022009FP, NO LABEL CDR (2010)
  6. gilles aubry, ‘part 2’
    from s6t8r, wm16 CD (2009)
  7. asher-ubeboet, ‘nullus (neither)’
    from cell memory, wm09 CDR (2008)
  8. richard garet, brendan murray, ‘the tyranny of the objects’
    from of distance, unframed recordings ufcd2 CD (2009)
  9. ea, balancing act with controlled dynamics (fade)
    from wm05 cdr (2006)

all released in the USA by winds measure recordings, except where noted