Glenn Branca Tribute

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 18th May 2018

  1. Glenn Branca, ‘Second Movement’
    From Symphony No. 3 (Gloria), USA ATAVISTIC ALP08 CD (1993)
    Recorded in 1983.
  2. Glenn Branca, ‘Structure’
    From The Ascension, USA 99 RECORDS 99-001LP LP (1981)
  3. Glenn Branca, ‘Lightfield (In Consonance)’
    From The Ascension, op. cit.
  4. The Static, ‘Don’t Let Me Stop You’
    From Songs 77-79, USA ATAVISTIC ALP43 CD (1996)
  5. Theoretical Girls, ‘Jill’
    From Songs 77-79, op. cit.
  6. Theoretical Girls, ‘TV Song’
    From Songs 77-79, op. cit.
  7. Reg Bloor, ‘Sensory Irritation Chamber’
    From Sensory Irritation Chamber, USA SYSTEMS NEUTRALIZERS 06 CDR (2018)
  8. Reg Bloor, ‘Present Dystopia’
    From Sensory Irritation Chamber, op.cit.
  9. Sonic Youth, ‘Where The Red Fern Grows’
    From Sonic Youth, USA GEFFEN 2 CD (2006)
    Recorded in 1981.
  10. Sonic Youth, ‘Loud And Soft’
    From Sonic Youth, op.cit.
  11. Swans, ‘Sensitive Skin’
    From Filth, USA YOUNG GOD RECORDS YGCD1 (1990)
    Released in 1982.
  12. Glenn Branca, ‘Third Movement’
    From Symphony No. 2 (The Peak Of The Sacred), USA ATAVISTIC ALP05 CD (1992)
    Recorded in 1982.

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  1. Maybe we should meet up – I am Karel Beer from the (Hypothetical) Prophets – whilst I never met Glenn Branca I did buy a blod stained Gibson SG bass guitar off Jeff Lohn after the Theoretical Girls had performed in a Paris Art gallery. To know more about me just google my name.

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