Two Hours In A Jam

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 29th June 2018

  1. The Third Eye Foundation, ‘Wake The Dead’
    From Wake The Dead, FRANCE ICI D’AILLEURS IDA119 LP (2018)
  2. Fossil Aerosol Mining Project, ‘The Failed Resurrection of Easy Listening’
    From August 53rd, USA HELEN SCARSDALE AGENCY HMS 043 LP (2018)
  3. The Ex, ‘The Heart Conductor’
    From 27 Passports, NETHERLANDS EX RECORDS EX147D CD (2018)
  4. Yair Etziony, ‘Deliverance’
    From Deliverance, GERMANY FALSE INDUSTRIES 023 CD (2018)
  5. Misha Feigin / Lukas Simonis, ‘What They Did Not Expect’
    From The Squat, NETHERLANDS Z6RECORDS 00073487 CD (2018)
  6. Andrey Kiritchenko, ‘Blackouts’
    From Overt, JAPAN SPEKK KK: 036 CD (2017)
  7. Goh Lee Kwang with Christian Meaas Svendsen, ‘Gibberish’
    From Gibberish, Balderdash, and Drivel, NORWAY NAKAMA RECORDS NKM014CD CD (2017)
  8. Creta, ‘Babe In The Egg Of Blue’
    From Creta, GERMANY KARLRECORDS KR053 LP (2018)
  9. Sibarg Ensemble, ‘Cipher’
    From Cipher, USA NO LABEL CD (2018)
  10. Havnes / Järmyr / Serries, excerpt from Distant Curving Horizon. The Primal Broken Passage. Beneath The Scorching Sun, GERMANY MIDIRA 049 CD (2018)
  11. Ilia Belorukov / Miguel A. Garcia / Jason Kahn / Frantz Loriot, ‘janotaticker’
    From invanskrue, RUSSIA INTONEMA int025 CD (2017)