Sun Ra Summertime

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 19th July 2019

  1. ‘Of Other Tomorrows Never Known’
    From Media Dreams, UK ART YARD ARTYARD CD 002 (2008)
    Recorded in 1978.
  2. ‘Ra To The Rescue, Chapter 1’
    From Ra To The Rescue, original issue USA EL SATURN Saturn IX/1983-220 (1983)
  3. ‘There Are Other Worlds (They Have Not Told You Of)’
    From Lanquidity, USA EVIDENCE ECD 22220-2 CD (2000)
    Recorded in 1978.
  4. ‘Retrospect’
    From A Fireside Chat With Lucifer, original issue USA SATURN RESEARCH B1984SG-9 LP (1983)
  5. ‘Discipline #11’
    From Nidhamu + Dark Myth Equation Visitation, UK ART YARD ARTYARDCD009 CD (2008)
    Recorded in 1971.
  6. ‘The Shadow World’
    From The Magic City, USA EVIDENCE ECD 22069 CD (1993)
    Recorded in 1965.
  7. ‘Journey Stars Beyond’
    From Oblique Parallax, original issue USA EL SATURN RECORDS SR72881 LP (1981)
  8. ‘Intergalactic Research’
    From Continuation, USA CORBETT VS DEMPSEY CD009 2 x CD (2013)
    Recorded in 1963.
  9. ‘Space Probe’
    From Space Probe, UK ART YARD CD 011 (2011)
    Original issue 1974.

Note: Track 7 has in fact been reissued as part of Beyond The Purple Star Zone / Oblique Parallax, ART YARD CD 005 (2010). Oblique Parallax is also available for streaming at