Off The Coast Of Me

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 27th September 2019

  1. Escupemetralla, ‘L.A.I.K.A.’
    From Fe Esperanza Y Caridad, SPAIN NOVAK NVK061 CD (2018)
  2. Salnikov / Borisov / Salnikov, ‘Plain Claws Inspectors’
    From Glib, RUSSIA NO LABEL CD (2018)
  3. Joni Void, ‘Cinetrauma’
    From Mise En Abyme, CANADA CONSTELLATION CST 140 CD (2019)
  4. Viviankrist, ‘Silent Soul’
    From Morgenrøde, UK COLD SPRING RECORDS CSR286CD (2019)
  5. Ciastko, ‘Hymn’
    From Ciastko, POLAND GUSSTAFF RECORDS GRAM1902 CD (2019)
  6. Próchno, ‘Na Stacjach I Torach’
    From Próchno, POLAND GUSSTAFF RECORDS GRAM1903 CD (2019)
  7. Northwest, ‘Dimaryp’
    From I, EUROPE TEMPEL ARTS 05 CD (2018)
  8. Alessandra Eramo, ‘Really Very Gut! (Nocturne)’
    From Tracing South, GERMANY CORVO RECORDS CORE 016 LP (2019)
  9. Lan Cao, Gregor Siedl, Wolfgang Seidel, ‘Zugzwang’
    From Optimistic Modernism, GERMANY MOLOKO PLUS RECORDS PLUS 102 CD (2019)
  10. di.ARIA, ‘Rainy Bovaster’
    From Life Is A Ping Pong Delay, POLAND GUSSTAFF RECORDS GRAM1904 CD (2019)
  11. Sarah-Jane Summers, ‘Lypophrenia’
    From Kalopsia, NORWAY EIGHTH NERVE AUDIO 8nerve005 CD (2019)
  12. Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø / Daniel Lercher / Julie Rokseth (with Aksel Johansen), ‘Inside Elements’
    From Off The Coast, NORWAY SOFA SOFA570 CD (2019)
  13. Urs Leimgruber & Jean-Marc Foussat, ‘Rive de Rêves’
    From Face To Face, FRANCE FOU RECORDS FR-DE32/33 2 x CD (2018)

One comment

  1. Thanks for playing our L.A.I.K.A.
    Escupemetralla can translate as “Spitshrapnel”. Pronounce: ES-KOO-PE-ME-TRA-YAH
    L.A.I.K.A. was Laika, the Soviet dog from outer space.

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