All Soul’s Day 2019

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 1st November 2019

  1. Locrian, ‘Barren Temple Obscured By Contaminated Fogs’
    From Drenched Lands, USA AT WAR WITH FALSE NOISE ATWAR053 CD (2009)
  2. Candor Chasma, ‘Al-Qahirah (1871)’
    From The Key, ITALY OLD EUROPA CAFE OECD 194 CD (2014)
  3. Sphyxion, (Track 2)
    From 2, POLAND ZOHARUM ZOHAR 166-2 CD (2018)
  4. The Gate, ‘Aeons Of Decay’
    From Destruction Of Darkness, USA CARRIER RECORDS Carrier 015 CD (2012)
  5. Sudden Infant, ‘Dies Irae’
    From Psychotic Einzelkind, USA BLOSSOMING NOISE BN036CD CD (2008
  6. Autopsia, ‘Radical Machine 3.0’
    From The Berlin Requiem, ITALY OLD EUROPA CAFE OECD 084 CD (2006)
  7. O.S.T., ‘Guilsnu’
    From Waetka, SWEDEN IDEAL RECORDINGS iDEAL042 CD (2008)
  8. Sum Of R, ‘Alarming’
    From Ride Out The Waves, ITALY STORM AS HE WALKS SAHWLP001 LP (2012)
  9. Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words, ‘I Need You So That I Could Die’
    From Fall, Fall, Falling, SWEDEN kalligrammofon #4 CD (2007)
  10. Candor Chasma, ‘Hyde Park (August 12, 1851)’
    From The Key, op. cit.
  11. Felix Kubin, ‘Les Esprits’
    From Historische Aufnahmen Volume 2, GERMANY GAGARIN RECORDS GR2039 LP (2018)
  12. Jack Sutton contacts Dead Airmen
  13. She Spread Sorrow, ‘Lust’
    From Mine, UK COLD SPRING RECORDS CSR231CD CD (2018)
  14. Simon Balestrazzi, ‘Redshift 3’
    From Redshift, ITALY AZOTH rebis 008 CD (2018)
  15. Robedoor, ‘Empty Temple’
    From Rancor Keeper, SWEDEN RELEASE THE BATS RTB 034 CD (2007)