Jazz-Rock of the 1970s

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 10th April 2020

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  1. The Viola Crayola, ‘The Bus To New York’
    From Music, Breathing Of Statues (1974)
  2. Gary Boyle, ‘The Dancer’
    From The Dancer (1977)
  3. Toshiyuki Honda, ‘Thunder Kiss’
    From Burnin’ Waves (1978)
  4. Synchro, ‘Pasto’
    From Lambi (1977)
  5. Giger – Lenz – Marron, ‘Quinar’
    From Beyond (1977)
  6. Larry Coryell, ‘After Later’
    From At the Village Gate (1971)
  7. Toshiyuki Honda, ‘747 Wind Flight’
    From Burnin’ Waves (1978)
  8. The Viola Crayola, ‘I Know You Don’t Have A Car’
    From Music, Breathing Of Statues (1974)
  9. Pierrejean Gaucher, ‘The Purple Lagoon’
    From Zappe Zappa (1998)
  10. Association P.C., ‘Neuteboom’
    From Sun Rotation (1972)
  11. Don “Sugarcane” Harris, ‘Bad Feet’
    From Cup Full Of Dreams (1973)
  12. Wolfgang Dauner’s Et Cetera, ‘Sun’
    From Knirsch (1972)
  13. Volker Kriegel, ‘A Piece With A Chord From A Yorkshire Terrier’
    From Lift! (1973)
  14. Arti E Mestieri, ‘Saper Sentire’
    From Giro Di Valzer Per Domani (1975)
  15. Unity, ‘Reunion’
    From Blow Thru Your Mind (1974)