A Chimera Appears

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 15th May 2020

  1. Enemigos del Silencio, ‘Lost In Space (Live Version)
    From Lost In Space, POLAND GUSSTAFF RECORDS GRAM2001 CD (2020)
  2. Thomas Köner, ‘Substrate (Binaural)’
    From Motus, GERMANY MILLE PLATEAUX MP6 CD (2020)
  3. L’Allieveo + DJ Bali + MC Shell8bit, ‘8-bit Seance #10’
    From 8Bit Prometheus, SLOVAKIA URBSOUNDS URB047 CD (2019)
  4. Muhal Richard Abrams, ‘Spihumonesty’
    From Celestial Birds, GERMANY KARLRECORDS KR070 LP (2020)
    Recorded in 1980.
  5. Laurent Perrier & David Fenech, ‘Plateforme #3.1’
    From Plateforme #3, FRANCE BAM BALAM RECORDS BBLP069 LP (2020)
  6. Klaysstarr, ‘|sd|’
    From w/hair ph<> n mus|x, BELGIUM ENTR’ACTE E243 CD (2019)
  7. Vitor Joaquim, ‘There’
    From Nothingness, PORTUGAL SELF-RELEASED 03 CD (2020)
  8. Lucia Dlugoszewski, ‘Ritual of the Descent’
    From Openings Of The (Eye), POLAND BOLT RECORDS BR 1066 CD (2019)
    Performed by # Ensemble.
  9. Alison Blunt and Elisabeth Harnik, ‘Perilous Escape’
    From Morphic Resonance and Other Habits of Nature, SLOVENIA INEXHAUSTIBLE EDITIONS ie-021 CD (2019)
  10. John Chantler and Johannes Lund, ‘Under Barn Floor’
    From Andersabo, SWEDEN JOHS & JOHN 1 CD (2020)