Girls On Tape / Zeromoon / van Alebeek

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 17th July 2020

  1. Girls on Tape, ‘Tourism’
  2. Jeff Surak, ‘Front Line Weapon’
    From Viral Dances, USA ZEROMOON (2020)
  3. J. Surak, ‘Left Hanging’
    From Naming The Trees, USA ZEROMOON (2019)
  4. Analog Tara, ‘Z Clouds’
    From Synthetic Fields, USA ZEROMOON ZERO197 (2020)
  5. Rinus van Alebeek, ‘Poverty’
    From Gospel (2020)
  6. Rinus van Alebeek, ‘Shipwrecked’
    From Gospel (2020)
  7. Rinus van Alebeek, ‘The old hotel’
    From Real Love Forever (2020)
  8. Rinus van Alebeek, ‘It’s not what you think it is’
    From Real Love Forever (2020)
  9. Jeff Surak, ‘Slugfinger’
    From Viral Dances, op. cit.
  10. Miguel A. Garcia & Seijiro Murayama, ‘za’
    From Zashomon, USA ZEROMOON ZERO196 (2020)
  11. Viv Corringham, ‘I’m hitting a wall’
    From This random rhythm of notes and sounds, USA ZEROMOON ZERO195 (2020)
  12. Rieko Okuda & Kris Limbach, ‘Iris’
    From Spectral Evidence, USA ZEROMOON (2020)
  13. Jeff Surak, ‘Kompot Kompromat’
    From Tomorrow Belongs To Me, USA ZEROMOON (2020)
  14. Girls on Tape, ‘Tourism III’
  15. Rinus van Alebeek, ‘Black Marble’
    From Gospel (2020)

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