French Jazz

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 27th November 2020

  1. Jean Cohen-Solal, ‘Concerto Cyclique’
    From Flutes Libres (1972)
  2. Perception, ‘Debra’
    From Perception (1971)
  3. Dharma Quintet, ‘Jerkologie’
    From Mr Robinson (1970)
  4. Patrick Gauthier, ‘Benoit et Les Riverboppers’
    From Bébé Godzilla (1981)
  5. Full Moon Ensemble, ‘King Kong’
    From Crowded With Loneliness (1970)
  6. Abus Dangereux, ‘Danse du Paques’
    From Le Quatrième Mouvement (1980)
  7. Cohelmec Ensemble, ‘Éparpiller Sa Mémoire Dans Une Fureur D’Aveux’
    From 5 Octobre 1974 (1974)
  8. Jazz Impression, ‘Si Le Coeur Éclate’
    From Le Vice Et La Paresse (1978)
  9. Francois Tusques, ‘Dialogue I’
    From Le Nouveau Jazz (1967)
  10. Colette Magny with Free Jazz Workshop, ‘Transit (part II)’
    From Transit (1975)
  11. Dharma Trio, ‘Leon Smirglub Von Bischmouck’
    From Snoopy’s Time (1970)