Nine Nines of Winter

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 4th December 2020

  1. Richard Pinhas, ‘Quentin Compson 2’
    From Quentin Compson, FRANCE BAM BALAM BBRP077 LP (2020)
  2. Storm Bugs, ‘Table Matters Soundtrack’
    From A Safe Substitute, AUSTRIA KLANGGALERIE gg337 CD (2020)
  3. Thomas Dimuzio, ‘Phyllocephala (Victor French Mix)’
    From Slew Tew, USA GENCH TD3 CD (2020)
  4. Miki Yui, ‘Dreaming (Now)
    From Aperio!, SWITZERLAND HALLOW GROUND HG2007 LP (2020)
  5. Phil Maguire / Tim Olive, (Tk 03)
    From Invoer, JAPAN 845 AUDIO 845-15 CD (2020)
  6. Chris Dadge / Tim Olive, (Tk 01)
    From Nice You!, JAPAN 845 AUDIO 845-16 CD (2020)
  7. Vilde & Inga, (CD 1, Tk 2)
    From How Forests Think, NORWAY SOFA SOFA584 2 x CD (2020)
  8. Marianne Baudouin Lie, ‘Atlantis Lamento’
    Composed by Stine Sørlie
    From Atlantis, Utopia And Ulvedrømmer, NORWAY PARTICULAR RECORDINGS COLLECTIVE p!32 2 x CD (2020)
  9. Thomas Dimuzio and Solid Eye, ‘Flourescent Brown’
    From Balance, USA GENCH TD234 3 x CD (2020)

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