Colour Correction

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 12th March 2021

  1. Ciastko, ‘Reißen
    From Ciastko, POLAND GUSSTAFF RECORDS GRAM1092 CD (2019)
    Recorded in 1992.
  2. 23 Threads, ‘Cygnus’
    From I Woke Up At Dawn, POLAND ZOHARUM ZOHAR 183-2 CD (2019)
  3. Orfeon Gagarin, ‘Proceso In Vitro’
    From Orfeon Gagarin, SPAIN VERLAG SYSTEM VS017 (2019)
  4. Salnikov / Borisov / Salnikov, ‘Tribute To Marin Heomeyer’
    From Glib, RUSSIA NO LABEL CD (2018)
  5. XT, Side B excerpt
    From Palina’tufa, GERMANY EMPTY EDITIONS EE004 2 x LP (2019)
  6. Jaz, Drevo, ‘Medium Euphoria’
    From Cycles And Lullabies, ITALY PALOMAR RECORDS 56 CD (2019)
  7. Nakama, ‘Millennials’
    From Worst Generation, NORWAY NAKAMA RECORDS NKM013CD CD (2017)
  8. E Millar, ‘Mechanical Forest Sound 2’
    From no instrument machine, air, CANADA MYSTERY & WONDER MW005 CD (2019)
  9. Juhani Silvola, ‘Vaster Than Empires’
    From Post-biological Wildlife, NORWAY EIGHTH NERVE AUDIO 8NERVE003 CD (2019)
  10. Phonosphere, ‘Mit Der Zeit Im Atem Schwebend’
    From Ernstalbrecht Stiebler Reworks, GERMANY KARLRECORDS KR062 LP (2019)
  11. The Touchables, ‘Byalullalandbird’
    From The Noise Is Rest, NORWAY CONRAD SOUND CNRD328CD (2019)
  12. Ze-Ka, ‘Red Forest’
    From Ghost Planet, FRANCE OPA-LOKA RECORDS OL1705 CD (2017)