Mangled Metal

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 19th March 2021

  1. Stare Tasmy, ‘Przyznaj Sie’
    From Kryzys Czytelnictwa, POLAND SOROS RECORDS SOR01 CD (2020)
  2. John White, ‘The Merry Samurai’s Return From Work’
    From Electric Music, ITALY ANTS AG22 2 x CD (2020)
  3. PAS Musique, ‘ABC of the Telephone’
    From Psychedelic Talismans, USA ALREALON MUSIQUE ALRN105 LP (2021)
  4. Sergej Vutuc with Airjob, ‘Dream Stories’
    From 2046 Beeper (NO LABEL)
  5. Palo Alto, ‘Chaosmos From Triptych’
    From Difference and Repetition, BELGIUM SUB ROSA SRV484 CD (2020)
  6. Moster!, ‘Organ Of Bodies III- Palpatience’
    From Dust Breathing, NORWAY HUBRO HUBROCD2638 (2021)
  7. Prins & Simonis, ‘Mothers of Exit’
    From Mothers of Exit, NETHERLANDS Z6 RECORDS Z6934P15 CD (2021)
  8. See Through 4, ‘Quietly Fading Fast’
    From Permanent Moving Parts, CANADA ALL-SET! EDITIONS AS014 CD (2021)
  9. Alex Eddington, ‘Termination Shock’
    From A Present From A Small Distant World, CANADA REDSHIFT RECORDS TK483 CD (2021)
  10. Trondheim Voices, ‘Facing The Outerworld’
    From Folklore, NORWAY HUBRO HUBROCD2633 (2021)
  11. Mads Emil Nielsen, ‘Sway’
    From PM015 (2020 Remaster), DENMARK ARBITRARY 03 RE CD (2021)
  12. Colin Fisher, ‘Monadic Mirror’
    From Reflections Of The Invisible World, CANADA HALOCLINE TRANCE HTRA017 CD (2021)
  13. Chuck Johnson, ‘Raz-De-Marée’
    From The Cinder Grove, GERMANY TAK:TIL GBCD 106 (2021)