Late Supper

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 23rd April 2021

  1. Dedo, ‘Ornitologica Mineral’
    From Avatar, SPAIN HRÖNIR GMHLOOK CD (2004)
  2. Alexei Borisov and Olga Nosova, ‘Statika’
    From Elektrokoperativ, UK INDUSTRIAL CULTURE RECORDS ICR 025 CD (2010)
  3. Eugene Chadbourne, ‘La Marseillaise’
    From Ayler Undead, GERMANY GROB 321 CD (2001)
  4. Black Lodge Ensemble, ‘Snare Trap’
    From Jim-Bum, USA BLACK LODGE PRODUCTIONS 634479793974 CD (2008)
  5. Ferran Fages / Ruth Barberan / Alfredo Costa Monteiro, ‘Uyoti’
    From Atolón, ITALY ROSSBIN RS017 CD (2004)
  6. Area C, ‘Circle Attractor’
    From Haunt, USA LAST VISIBLE DOG LVD 113 CD (2007)
  7. David Rosenboom, ‘Section II (Symmetrical Harmonies in Chaotic Orbits)’
    From How Much Better if Plymouth Rock Had Landed on the Pilgrims, USA NEW WORLD RECORDS 80689-2 2 x CD (2009)
  8. Sten Hanson, ‘The New York Lament’
    From Text-Sound Gems and Trinkets, SWEDEN FIREWORK EDITION RECORDS FER 1037 CD (2002)
  9. Tone Language, ‘Robot Sparrows’
    From Patience Is The Key, NETHERLANDS KORM PLASTICS KP 3001 CD (2000)
  10. Korber / erikm / Nakamura / Otomo, ‘And a Slice of Bread’
    From Brackwater, SWITZERLAND FOR4EARS CD 1550 (2004)
  11. Zeitblom, ‘Story’
    From Bioplex in Delay-Environments #1, GERMANY TOURETTE #TICK 1 2 x CD (2000)