Jazz Mostly 1960s

The Sound Projector Radio Show
Friday 28th May 2021

  1. Kenny Drew, ‘Lion’s Den’
    From Undercurrent (1960)
  2. Charles Mingus, ‘Tijuana Gift Shop’
    From Tijuana Moods (1962)
  3. Oliver Nelson, ‘Patterns’
    From Sound Pieces (1966)
  4. Tal Farlow, I Wished on the Moon’
    From Cookin’ on all Burners (1983)
  5. Dizzy Gillespie, ‘Africana’
    From Gillespiana (1960)
  6. Freddie Hubbard, ‘A Bientot’
    From High Blues Pressure (1968)
  7. Lee Morgan, ‘Nakatini Suite’
    From Lee-Way (1960)
  8. Wayne Shorter, ‘Footprints’
    From Adam’s Apple (1966)
  9. Martial Solal, ‘Green Dolphin Street’
    From Nothing But Piano (1976)
  10. Paul Bley, ‘Calls’
    From Turns (1987)
  11. Kenny Dorham, ‘My Ideal’
    From Quiet Kenny (1959)
  12. Bobby Hutcherson, ‘Ghetto Lights’
    From Dialogue (1965)
  13. Booker Ervin, ‘Not Quite That’
    From Heavy! (1966)

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